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Pelton turbine

More than 150 Pelton runners in patented EFG design …

EFG Turbinenbau can draw on more than thirty years of experience in the production of patented Pelton runners in drop-forged interlocking structure design. Drop-forged single buckets provide for maximum quality and meet even the highest safety standards significantly better than buckets in conventional designs. This runner technology is complemented by state-of-the-art CAD-CAM technology in the production process allowing for shorter delivery periods when compared to runners in monobloc design, in particular for spare runners. As the runner is made of single buckets, coating technologies can be applied that ensure longer service life also in cases of increased abrasion, and we are also able to respond more quickly in the event of failures or breakdowns and to reduce the overall cost of repair works.

Francis turbine

Francis turbines are the most widely used type of turbines in the world and have been operating on the same basic principle for over 160 years. Of course, many details have changed, which is why modern Francis turbines can achieve hydraulic efficiencies of more than 94%.

The Francis replacement runners provided by EFG are welded constructions made from forged solid raw material to meet highest quality standards. These include the non-porous nature of the surfaces or the dimensional accuracy, to name just a few examples. Another advantage is the practically absolute freedom in the selection of the profiling and the twisting of the blades in the design process.

In the case of high machine capacities and correspondingly complex and extensive refurbishment works, we regularly refer to long-standing and successful partnerships.

Revisions • Refurbishments

Major overhauls, repair and automation of existing plants, no matter who the manufacturer was or how old these plants are. Due to our many years of experience, we are familiar with all technical aspects of hydropower technology.

At the start of a project we discuss possible variants of the technically and economically optimal use of the existing plant with the power plant operator. This impartial consultation then serves as clear basis for decisions on necessary measures.

Your satisfaction is our success.

Shut-off devices

Shut-off devices are an integral component of almost every hydropower plant. These are positioned either directly upstream of the machine set as turbine shut-off devices or in the water inlet area, mainly in medium and high-pressure systems, as security devices in the event of a pipe burst.

The high standards with regard to the reliability of the functioning in normal operation as well as in cases of emergency make continuous maintenance and servicing necessary. For this reason, EFG has specialised in the manufacturing, the refurbishment and the repair of shut-off valves of various makes and types.

Competent, inventive, professional, reliable.

Component manufacturing

As a one-stop shop EFG offers everything from a single source – starting from the design up to the finished coated parts, the various production steps take place in our own company. Decades of experience and the wide range of manufacturing techniques enable us to manufacture components according to your technical specifications with the highest degree of quality.

Our component production of various individual parts for machine engineering, special machine engineering as well as steel hydraulic structures includes development, production, assembly, QA, and delivery.

We will be pleased to provide comprehensive advice.


All-round support from the first consultation to commissioning.


Optimum electricity production & feasibility studies


Your project is planned by design engineers with sound technical training and many years of experience in turbine construction and refurbishment.


The product development and engineering are subject to a contemporary quality management system strictly adhered to, which enables us to flexibly react and respond to challenges.

Revision & Refurbishment

The product development and engineering are subject to a contemporary quality management system strictly adhered to, which enables us to flexibly react and respond to challenges.

Revision & Refurbishment

... no matter whether OLD or NEW

Testing & Inspection

Turbine parts and welded joints are inspected according to applicable standards and assessed according to defined quality standards.

Installation, commissioning & maintenance

If required, our technicians and fitters provide their services on site.

Surface preparation & corrosion protection

Highest quality requirements for corrosion protection are met through modern blasting technology
... tamed sandstorm provides for perfect surface preparation.



Founded in Feldkirchen, Carinthia, in the eighties of the last century, EFG Turbinenbau is a well-established specialist with outstanding problem-solving expertise. Design, engineering, production and installation of Pelton turbines, Francis turbines and spare runners for all types of hydropower systems are our daily business. We provide customized solutions for virtually all fields of operation, be it private electricity producers, cooperatives, communities, municipal energy suppliers or utility companies, both domestic and international.

We offer our clients a comprehensive set of patents, products and solution-oriented services for the hydropower industry. Based on our expertise and our comprehensive network of strategic partnerships with universities, institutions, other turbine manufacturers, material contractors and many others, we provide our customers with future-oriented and technically advanced hydropower solutions.

We consider ourselves as a service provider for the maintenance, servicing, repair and refurbishment of powerplants and their components. By constantly developing new services models and offering cost-efficient novel solutions, we aim at long-term strategic partnerships and at increasing the competitiveness of our customers.


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