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A positive new Pelton runner design was developed and patented by EFG and has been in existence for almost two decades now.
This design of specially shaped, modular parts that lock onto each other is the secret behind the Pelton runner built by EFG. This method is called the "interlocking structure Pelton wheel".
Continuous research and development on this technology allow us to produce a completely forged runner.
Both the individual bucket and the two discs, as well as the clamping systems are forged. By drop forging the individual runner blades a maximum of quality can be reached and the highest security standards in the area of hydraulic plants can be fulfilled.

Forged EFG runners that were produced in this new way of construction can be adapted respectively adjusted both to new plants as well as for replacement runners. Thanks to an innovation in the production cycle linked with the drop forging- and processing technology, the delivery time can be drastically reduced.


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